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Why MyNextBike?

Want a fast, easy, and hassle free way to buy and sell your next bike anywhere in the UK? Would you also like to save money and the planet while doing so? We do, which is why we built MyNextBike. We believe that finding the perfect bike should be easy, so you can spend more time doing what you love. Our MyNextBike Buyer Protection program ensures that what you see is what you get, so you can be excited about your new (pre-loved) bike arriving at your door. MyNextBike makes finding your next bike as simple and easy as, well, riding a bike!


    We offer secure checkout options and the ability to split your purchase into monthly instalments. You can finance the whole bike, or put down a deposit and split the rest. Your wheels, your rules. 


    It’s time to think outside the (bike) box! Our couriers can deliver any bike from our platform fully assembled, straight to your door on the same day it's collected from the seller—all for an industry-leading £69 delivery fee, fully insured.


    Buy your next bike with total confidence. We’ll fully refund you if the bike doesn’t match the seller’s description and arrange for it to be returned with no extra delivery costs to you.

MNB Buyer Protection

✔ Secure Online Payments

✔ Hassle Free Returns

✔ Approved Sellers Only

✔ Verified Seller Proof of Ownership

✔ Fully Insured Delivery up to £50,000

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    How to choose a second-hand bike

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    Five ways to identify a stolen second-hand bike online

    As cyclists, many of us have had the gut-wrenching experience of returning to a rack to find our bike missing. With more than 77,000 bikes stolen in England and Wales each year, it is an all too common experience.
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    Are Electric Bikes Legal?

    In short, yes! Stroll into a bike shop and you’ll be able to find everything, from slick electric hybrids to electric mountain bikes and electric cargo bikes. These bikes made by trusted brands are legal in the UK, but that’s not to say that every electric bike you come across will be.