Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Buying bikes


What's the difference between MyNextBike and other marketplaces?

MyNextBike was built to make the process of buying and selling a second-hand bike as easy and secure as possible.

  • We offer buyer protection on every order, which means if the bike doesn't arrive exactly as described in the listing, you can return it to the seller and get a full refund.
  • We offer shipping on every order to ensure the bike arrives quickly, reliably, and safely. You can also collect the bike in person if you're feeling impatient!
  • Our ride guides are here to help you throughout the whole process, so whether you're looking for sizing assistance or updates on deliveries, we're here to help!

How do I buy a bike?

There are a couple of ways to buy a bike on MyNextBike:

Buy the bike directly:
To do so, click the "Add to Cart" button on the product pages, and you'll be directed to complete checkout. You can pay using finance or your preferred payment method (PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex).

Make an offer first:
You can make an offer to the seller by clicking the "Make an Offer" button on the product pages. Your offer will be forwarded to the seller for them to respond. Once the price has been agreed upon, you'll be sent a payment link via email to complete the payment.

Can I negotiate the price?

Yes, you can negotiate the price of any bike on the platform. If you would like to make an offer, click the 'Make an Offer' button on the product page of the bike you're interested in. The seller will receive the details of the offer by email, where they can choose to accept, reject, or make a counteroffer. Once the price is agreed upon, you'll be sent a payment link to complete the purchase.

Please note that sometimes it can take up to 48 hours to get a reply from the seller.

Which payment methods do you offer?

You can purchase the bike with most major credit cards, PayPal, ClearPay, and Payl8r as financing options

Can I split the cost using finance?

Yes! We offer a range of finance purchase options. These vary from 0% for short-term loans to longer-term loans with a % APR.

Please note that the maximum amount that can be financed is £2500. For bikes valued above this amount, you can place a deposit to cover the difference.

To see the estimated monthly installments, click the 'View Options' link button under the price of the bike or follow this link here.

Can I buy a bike on the cycle to work scheme?

We've partnered with Cycle Solutions and Vivup to offer this benefit on bikes sold by businesses. Bikes sold by private individuals are not eligible for the scheme. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

How can I contact the seller?

If you would like to ask the seller a question about the bike, please click the 'Contact Seller' button on the product pages. The seller will receive your question by email and respond accordingly.

Please note that sellers may take a few days to reply. For any questions about shipping, collections, or returns, feel free to reach out to us directly.

What should I do if the seller doesn't respond?

Sellers might not respond to your inquiry in a timely manner for a variety of reasons. Please get in touch with us if they haven't responded within 48 hours and we will contact them on your behalf.


What are the costs for shipping?

The shipping fee for all bikes is £69, no matter where you're living in the U.K. Every bike is insured in transit.

How long does shipping take?

We aim to deliver your new bike as soon as possible. The typical timeframe is 2-4 days after placing an order. However, please note that delivery times may be longer if the seller is not at home for the couriers to collect the bike within the 2-4 day period.

Here's the process: 

Step 1: We contact the seller to schedule a collection date.

Step 2: The bike will be collected by our specialist partner who transport the bike fully assembled to your address. The bike will typically arrive the same day it's collected, unless it travels over 200 miles. In this case, it will arrive the next day.

Step 3: You're ready to ride!

  • For more information on shipping, please refer to our shipping page

Which courier will deliver my order?

We've partnered with AnyVan to collect and ship the bikes, as they offer speedy deliveries without the need for bikes to be disassembled first. They also insure each bike in transit.

In some rare cases where either you or the seller live outside of AnyVan's delivery areas, we will use an alternate courier partner. In these situations, delivery times may take longer, and bike boxes are required.

Does the bike come fully assembled?

Yes, your bike will arrive ready to ride. We don't use bike boxes!

Can I track my order?

Yes! You will receive tracking details the day before the bike is shipped so you can track it on its journey.

Collections / Test ride

Can I collect the bike in person?

Yes! You can collect the bike from the seller yourself. We will reveal the exact location of the seller after you've completed checkout.

Can I view the bike first?

If you would like to test ride the bike, please contact us, and we will arrange this with the seller. Here’s the process:

  1. We will contact the seller to confirm they're happy to proceed with this, and if so, will arrange a suitable date for the test ride.
  2. We ask you to agree to a price first and complete the checkout process as normal before your test ride.
  3. At checkout, please select 'Collect in Person' and enter your payment details.
  4. Your payment will be authorised but not captured until you've confirmed you've left with the bike. If you don't leave with the bike, your payment will not be captured.

Can I return a bike?

Every bike is protected under our Buyer Protection Policy, which means you can return the bike and receive a full refund if it arrives not as described.

You can learn more about our returns policy here.

Am I insured against shipping damage?

Yes, your bike will be fully insured in transit, which protects against theft, damage and if the bike is lost.

How do I return a bike?

If your bike has arrived not as described, then please contact us and we will arrange for our courier to collect the bike from you and return to the seller.

What are the costs for returning a bike?

There are no costs for returning the bike. Our courier will collect it free of charge.

Buyer Protection

What is MNB Buyer Protection

Our Buyer Protection policy is in place to prevent any mis-selling on the platform and ensure you get exactly what you paid for! If the bike arrives 'not as described,' such as if there is damage that wasn’t disclosed in the listing or if the specifications are incorrect, you can return it to the seller free of charge. Simply contact our support team, and we will arrange this for you. To learn more, please read here.

Does MNB Buyer Protection cost anything?

No, it's a free service we offer for every bike purchased on our platform.

Selling bikes


How much does it cost to sell my bike?

Listing your bike on our website is always free.

We only charge when your bike has sold. Our charge is deducted from the bike sale to cover our costs and ensure a successful selling and shipping experience.

Our charges are tiered based on the sale value of the bike:

  • £500-1500: 14%
  • £1500-2500: 12%
  • £2500-3500: 11%
  • £3500 +: 10%

How long will my listing be online?

Your bike listing will remain online for 3 months. If it doesn't sell within this period, you can choose to either delete your listing or renew it for another 3 months.

How many bikes can I list?

You are free to list as many bikes as you'd like. If you are a business selling bikes, please get in touch with us.

Listing bikes

How do I list my bike?

You can list your bike directly using our online listing form, which you can find here.

What information do I need to list my bike?

You'll be asked about the size, condition, and general specifications of the bike, as well as to upload images and set the price.

What price should I list my bike for?

You are free to set your own price. If you would like some help valuing it, please reach out to us and include the brand, model, year, and condition of the bike

Do you accept all bikes?

We accept all road legal bikes that are listed for above £400. We do not accept scooters or motorbikes.

How long does it take for the listing to become active?

Listings typically become active within 24 hours. If we require any additional information, it may take longer. You will receive confirmation once the listing is active.

How do I edit my listing?

You can edit your listing via your online account, or feel free to reach out to us, and we can make the changes for you.

How do I remove my listing?

You can remove it directly via your online account, or you can message us, and we will remove it for you


How am I notified of offers?

You will receive details of offers and bike-related queries via email and SMS for you to respond to.

What happens after I accept an offer?

When you accept an offer, a payment link is sent to the buyer for them to complete the purchase. You will be notified once they complete the purchase.

Can buyers pay for the bike without making an offer first?

Yes, buyers are able to pay for the bike directly on the website for full asking price.


How does the sales process work?

We will notify you when the buyer has purchased your bike on our platform so that we can arrange a suitable date for the collection of the bike. The buyer can collect the bike themselves, or our courier partner, AnyVan, will collect the bike from you. You will be paid within 2 days of the buyer receiving the bike.

How do I ship my bike?

If the buyer chooses to have the bike shipped to them, we will arrange for our courier to collect the bike from you. You don't have to do anything!

Do I need to disassemble the bike for shipping?

No! Our courier partner, AnyVan, collects the bikes without the need for them to be disassembled. You just have to hand it over and sign for the delivery.

When will I get paid?

The buyer will pay for your bike online, and we will securely hold the money until the buyer has checked the bike and ensured it’s as described. They have two days to confirm, and once they do, your money will be sent to your account. Confirmation is automatic after the two days are up

What if someone returns the bike I've sold?

The bike can be returned and the buyer refunded if both the buyer and we confirm the bike has arrived 'not as described'.

Buyers have up to 2 days to let us know that the bike is not as described. Please see the list of reasons here for possible returns.

If your bike is returned, you will not be paid.

E-bike FAQ's

Are e-bikes legal?

Listing your bike on our website is E-bikes are legal in the UK, but there are specific regulations that govern their use. They can only provide pedal assistance, they should have a maximum power output of 250 watts, and the motor assistance should cut off when the bike reaches a speed of 15.5 mph (25 km/h). Any quicker or more powerful than this, and they are typically classified as mopeds or motorbikes.

How Fast Can I Go?

The motor on electric bikes must stop assisting at 15.5 mph (25 kn/h), but you can push faster with your legs!

Do I need a license to ride an e-bike?

E-bikes are classified as standard bicycles as long as the pedal assistance is limited to 15.5 mph, and the motors don’t emit more than 250 watts.

How are e-bikes shipped?

Due to their lithium batteries and often heavyweight, most conventional couriers don’t ship e-bikes. This is why we’ve partnered with AnyVan, a removal and transport company, to collect and ship all e-bikes sold on our platform.

Responsible charging and safety

Please take great care when charging e-bike batteries. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are found in everyday items, from mobile phones and laptops to e-bikes and e-scooters. Though generally safe, they carry some risk. Never short out the battery in any way, and never leave the battery to charge at home alone Failure to safely use lithium batteries can result in fire, explosions, and destruction.