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Canyon Ultimate

The Canyon Ultimate is a hallmark of road cycling performance, embodying an optimal balance of lightweight construction, stiffness, and aerodynamics. This series is engineered for cyclists who demand a high-performance machine capable of excelling in climbing, sprinting, and long-distance riding. The Ultimate series is celebrated for its exceptional ride quality, making it a favorite among professional racers and serious cycling enthusiasts alike.

Canyon Ultimate Price Range

Canyon Ultimate Key Features

Lightweight Frame: The Ultimate utilizes Canyon's advanced carbon fiber technology to create a frame that is both incredibly light and exceptionally strong. This ensures efficient power transfer and responsive handling without compromising durability.

Aerodynamic Design: While prioritizing lightweight and stiffness, the Ultimate also incorporates aerodynamic optimizations. The frame and fork feature subtle aerodynamic shaping, which reduces drag without adding significant weight or sacrificing the bike's overall ride feel.

Comfort: Despite its race-oriented design, the Ultimate doesn't overlook rider comfort. Canyon's innovative tube shaping and carbon layup, along with the integration of their VCLS technology in the seatpost, work together to absorb road vibrations, enhancing comfort on longer rides.

Precision Handling: The Ultimate's geometry strikes a balance between aggressive positioning for speed and a more relaxed stance for endurance, ensuring precise handling and stability at high speeds and through technical descents.

Versatile Configuration: The Ultimate series offers a range of configurations, from the more accessible CF SL models made with slightly heavier carbon to the top-tier CF SLX and CFR models that use the highest-grade materials for the ultimate in lightweight performance. Each model is equipped with high-quality components, including groupsets from leading manufacturers like Shimano and SRAM, as well as Canyon's own carefully designed components for optimal performance.

The Canyon Ultimate series spans a wide price range, starting from around £2,000 for the entry-level CF SL models and reaching up to £7,000 or more for the premium CFR versions equipped with the highest-grade carbon and top-end components.

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