Condition - guide

Brand new
  • The bike is brand new and has never been ridden before. 
As good as new
  • This bike is relatively new and has low mileage
  • It’s been extremely well taken care of from new
  • No components have been replaced
  • All components are working correctly
  • Little to no signs of wear, up to light scratches

Good condition 

  • The bike is well-ridden but has been well cared for
  • All major components work well, no replacements required
  • Some minor components may need replacing, e.g. tyres
  • Shows mechanical and/or cosmetic wear, up to medium visible scratches
  • Could be worth getting serviced

Needs some work

  • The bike has been well ridden and some parts need replacing
  • Some components have been replaced or damaged
  • Clear signs of mechanical wear
  • Medium to heavy scratches are visible
  • Servicing is required