Seller's rules

We want to ensure that MYNEXTBIKE is a safe and friendly space. That is why our members must comply with the rules set out below when listing items.

Please note that these Rules are a part of our Terms & Conditions. By submitting your bike to our platform, you are agreeing to these Rules and to our Terms & Conditions.

General rules:

  1. Only road legal bicycles are permitted on the platform. 
  2. We do not permit counterfeit or stolen items.
  3. Sellers must be the owner of the goods listed on the platform, they must have the right to sell the goods, and they must have the right to transfer ownership of the goods to the Buyer.
  4. Listing cannot refer to external websites that facilitate sales outside of our platform.
  5. Sellers are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws relating to the sale of your item.
  6. Items must be uploaded separately under their corresponding category and brand.
  7. Sellers must provide the information necessary to list the item and provide at least four good quality photographs per listed item, each of which must be uploaded when the Item is listed. 
  8. Uploaded photographs must reflect the actual quality and appearance of the item, as well as any defects with the item. Uploading photographs found on the internet and/or photos of a similar item is prohibited.
  9. Items must comply with the description and photographs provided by the seller in the Item listing. If the Item received by the buyer does not comply with the description and photographs provided by the seller, it will be considered “Not as Described”. The bike is considered Not as Described if it differs from the online listing in one or more of the following: incorrect size, wrong colour, incorrect brand, incorrect model, different frame material, different specifications, significantly different condition, any damage that was not disclosed in the description, missing parts/components. Conversely, an item will not be considered as Not As Described if it is not a right fit (but the size was correctly indicated in the listing), or the differences between the item received and the description and photographs of the Item listings only include minor and negligible differences that do not affect the use and look of the Item as legitimately expected by the buyer based on the Item’s description and photographs.
  10. The seller who has listed the item may withdraw it or amend the price at any time, before entering into a transaction with a user for the sale of the Item in question.