Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Ultegra Di2 Carbon Disc

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Estimated RRP : £5000

Frame Material : Carbon

Groupset : Shimano Ultegra R8070 11 speed Di2 electronic

Frame Size : 61

Size : XX Large

Condition : As good as new

Location : Birmingham

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About this bike

Seller Description:

Bike is in fantastic condition with very few marks. The gear shifts are nice and crisp whilst the brakes are sharp. Smooth bearings all round including the bottom bracket, headset, hub and freehub bearings. Absolutely no cracks whatsoever.

The Ultimate CF SLX is one of the very best performance road bikes you can buy, providing that wonderful blend of weight, stiffness, comfort and speed that you want in a race or high-performance bike. Though it's an out-and-out race bike, it's not harsh and punishing even when riding along rough roads. While not in the same league as Canyon's Endurace CF SLX, the ability of the Ultimate to provide a composed and settled ride and avoid getting choppy or skittish is nothing short of impressive. Despite the slightly beefed up carbon frame, it's without doubt a race bike you can ride in comfort all day long. The Ultimate CF SLX uses the company's Sport Pro geometry, the company's raciest setup and used by the professional racers it sponsors. There are some small differences in the numbers but importantly the reach and stack remain the same across the two models.

Equipment on this model comprises a Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset. What can I say about this electronic shifting/hydraulic braking setup that hasn't been said before? It's excellent: the gears work a treat all the time; the battery lasts for ages; and the brakes are the best on the market right now, with excellent feel and power

The VCLS seatpost and Selle San Marco saddle go a long way to providing incredible seated comfort. The saddle noticeably deflects backwards when the rear wheel encounters a ridge or lump on the road, you can actually look down and see the saddle moving back and forth when you're riding along.

The H36 Aerocockpit CF bar is surprisingly comfortable handlebar and while there's no huge amount of detectable flex when riding out of the saddle or sprinting down the road, it does appear to provide a reasonable amount of vibration damping. I do prefer the narrow round shape of a regular handlebar but that said, the top section of the aero handlebar is a comfortable place to rest your hands.  Rather neatly, the Di2 junction box is concealed in a small recess on the underside of the handlebar though it means charging the battery is a bit of a fiddle because you have to first remove the carbon plate that secures it in place.

The Mavic Cosmic Pro wheels are more aerodynamic than a shallow section rim, and there's no denying they feel very fast when riding. They use an existing Mavic technology where carbon fibre fairings are bonded to aluminium rims, which means they're a bit heavier than full carbon wheels. The 45mm NACA rim profile does deliver a fast ride but they are prone to instability in strong cross winds compared to more modern carbon rim shapes.





Key Details

Original Price (£): 5000
Category: Road
Brand: Canyon
Model: Ultimate CF SLX Ultegra Di2 Carbon Disc
Size (cm): 61
Frame Material: Carbon
Groupset: Shimano Ultegra R8070 11 speed Di2 electronic
Colour: Black
Condition: As good as new

Technical Specifications

Groupset: Shimano Ultegra R8070 11 speed Di2 electronic
Braketype: Shimano Ultegra R8070 Hydraulic Shifters and calipers.
Frame Material: Carbon
Tires: Schwalbe G-One RS
Seat Post: Canyon S13 VCLS with Selle San Marco Aspide
Handle Bar: Canyo H36 Carbon Integrated Aero Cockpit


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