The benefits of buying second-hand bikes

The benefits of buying second-hand bikes

Are you itching to hit the trails but your wallet is holding you back? Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade to a higher-spec model but don’t want to burn through all your savings? Buying second hand may just be the solution. Here’s why:

Save up to 70%

First and foremost, the biggest benefit of buying second hand bikes is the cost savings. Let's face it, bikes can be expensive! But why pay full price when you can snag a perfectly good used bike for a fraction of the cost? It’s not uncommon to save up to 70% when you buy used, meaning that your dream bike might not be so far out of reach. Like most cars, new bikes lose their value extremely quickly, so you can often find bikes that are only a couple of months old for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Better value for money

Secondly, buying second-hand is great value for money. You can often find a high-end model, which would typically be well out of your budget if you were to buy it new, for an affordable price. Also, buying second-hand doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on condition. Many owners take very good care of their bikes, so you can find plenty of used bikes without damage or scratches. At MyNextBike, we ask sellers to rate the condition of their bikes, so you know exactly what you’re getting before your bike arrives. Bikes described as ‘almost new’ in their condition can often be 50% lower in price than their retail value, even if they’re only a couple of years old. But you can often find even larger discounts if you don’t mind a few scratches here and there. 

Save the planet

Another great reason to go for a used bike is the sustainability factor. By purchasing a used bike, you're helping to reduce the demand for new bikes, which in turn lowers the carbon footprint of the cycling industry. And who doesn't want to feel like a planet-saving superhero when you buy your next bike?

Tailor it to your own needs

But wait, there's more! A used bike can also be customised to fit your unique needs and preferences, without breaking the bank. You may find a great deal on a bike, but only want it for its core components, like frame and forks. You can then add new or used accessories to make it fit your riding style. What’s more, second-hand bikes may already have desirable upgrades or accessories installed. These additions can add value and save you money compared to buying new and then purchasing these extras separately.

 Used bikes hold their value

And let's not forget the depreciation factor. A new bike loses its value fast, but a used bike holds its value better. By purchasing a used bike, you avoid the initial depreciation hit that occurs when buying new, meaning the bike's value is likely to stabilise, resulting in a smaller financial loss if you decide to resell it later. You can then use the proceeds towards your next bike adventure!

 In conclusion, buying a used bike is a smart choice for your wallet, the environment, and your ability to customise to your heart's content. So, hop on that trusty used bike and get ready to ride.


Happy cycling!

Matthew Coulthard

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